The first day of the International Summit Primakov Readings

Welcoming Address to the participants of the «Primakov Readings» by Yury Ushakov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation.


Address to the participants of the «Primakov Readings» by Director of the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations Academician Alexander Dynkin.


 The first session.

«The Asia-Pacific Region: the space of cooperation or conflict?»

The moderators of the session  – Anatoly Torkunov and Sam Charap.

The topics of the discussion:

 The future of the region: the economic integration and\or the increase of conflict propensity?

 The PRC and the USA: is the balance of interests possible and on what conditions it can be followed?

 Are nationalism and militarism the major challenges for the regional security?

 The situation on the Korean Peninsula: how the risks can be minimized? 

Speakers: Vasily Mikheev, Bobo Lo, Jan Chen, Shingo Jamagami, Alexander Panov, Robert Manning, Arun Sahgal, Lee Gee Ien.


The second session.

«The Middle East: stabilization of instability?»

The moderators of the session - Fedor Lukyanov and H.-I. Shpagner.


The  topics of the discussion:

 Erosion of a state and transformations on the Middle East political map.

 The stabilizing and the destabilizing role of the external players.

 Are there any prerequisites for the modus vivendi between the regional powers?

 The transnational threats of international terrorism and ideological extremism.

The speakers: Vitaly Naumkin, Jancarlo Aragona, Veniamin Popov, Shlombo Brom, John Holmes, Alexey Vasilyev, Kimberley Martin, Irina Zvyagelskaya.


The third session.


«Russia is on the global economic landscape.»


The moderators of the session -  Mikhail Kovaltchuk and Rene Nurberg.

The topics of discussion:

New technologies, human capital and innovations: the changing landscape of global competition.

The prospects of development of the global energy markets.

 The global and the regional trade and investment megaprojects: EBSR, TTP, EAEU.

 Global economic governance: from crisis to crisis?

The speakers: Andrey Klepach, Samir Saran, Natalya Ivanova, Andrey Nikitin, Sergey Kudriyashov, Naoki Tanaka, Andrey Spartak, Veronika Nikishina.



The memorial plaque to E. Primakov was opened same day in Skatertny lane, 3, Moscow.

Chairperson of the Council of the Federation Committee for Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev and Chairman of the Moscow State Duma Aleksey Shaposhnikov took part in the opening ceremony. The representatives of  Federal and Moscow authorities and Primakov’s relatives and friends also attended the event.

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